Monday, January 19, 2009

Two number Ones

I couldnt figure out how to post the second one but please watch (copy/paste the Link)

I cannot believe how much i am obsessed with both of these, must be the season, hibernation love.  enjoi.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Birthday, LEGO, New Years

Here is a three in one update, starting with our canadian fellow, Jim Ziemba.  We celebrated this momentous event at Chicago's own Happy Village, a few Hamms later, some ping pong and a wasted frenchman's exposed penis we trekked back to Pilsen to fight off another day.  We woke up and played with LEGOS all day.  A drama starring Victor Martinez and his stripper wife Coyote Martinez, part revenge thriller, part LEGO comedy.  Then a few days later we reigned in the New Year at our friend Tom's loft, tons of house music and lots of strobing, all in all a good night.  Plus i got to play doorman for a while, my father would be proud.