Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Scrappin' Sundays (on Tuesday)

Theodore Boggs and I begun our ritualistic scavenging this sunday.  He acquired a really nice wagon and we drove around for 6 hours.  Here are some pictures of our finds, two packs of cigarettes and 90 miles later we halted our efforts and headed in.  Til next sunday.

Milwaukee Art Museum

Here is some documentation that me and Britt went to Milwaukee and visited the beautiful art museum on Lake Michigan.  Aside from having an extensive collection on modern and contemporary art, as well as artifacts, the exhibition that stuck out was the 'Act/React' show (all the pieces needed human interaction).  All in all a good day trip with the lady.

Big Time

Here is a new mural type piece done at the Halfway House on Milwaukee Ave in Chicago.  Probably the biggest size I have ever worked on and hopefully more commissions to come.  Thanks to Matt Hendrickson for taking pictures and general support.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Doctor Who?

Jump about fifteen years in the future from our last Haack! post.  The seventies produced some of the best music thus far, and here is the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.  The place where all BBC radio and television sound effects were created.  The musicians included Ron Granier, Delia Derbyshire and John Baker, plus about forty more.  The sounds were mainly creatd from keyboard/synthesizers and homemade instruments.  A career that spanned decades and produced thousands of songs and effects.  The earliest and most famous works are those of Doctor Who, where colonial men and futuristic robots run free.   

Hello, one, two, three, four...

Here are some more recent photos from my final installation at school, hopefully these will be put to use in some other location than this small shitty space, but anyway here they are.  These party bulbs are definitely getting mileage.