Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Century of Rose

this is a post for the Teichen family, just to show that we are taking care of the vehicle, minus the mishap with the broken window and stolen stereo, the asshole who stole it was very courteous i must state, carefully removing the stereo with the greatest of ease, leaving cables and connectors perfectly intact.  im going to steal it back from him at maxwell street market, maybe tip him with a bash to the boys.  all things aside, this puppy hums and gets us from A to B.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


in order to understand the current climate of shit electronic music, it is necessary to explore the evolution of experimentation with invented objects, we know now as 'keyboards' and before anybody heard of kraftwerk, there was a small movement of composers who took the leap head first into the bitmapped world of gadgets.  Raymond Scott along with J.D. Robb and Robert Moog paved a new mentality on how our apocalyptic situation reflects the beauty and awe that we have for machines.  although relatively rudimentary in design and construction, using known components, these composers showed how through delicate manipulation, the idea of the composition evolved.  In Raymond Scott's 'Manhattan Research' the full range of otherworldly blips and glitches find their place.  in both mind and body, i bring you men at work. 

Friday, October 3, 2008


this word machine should have been started a week ago (possibly years), but again negating my responsibilities for self-promotion, here are pictures from last thursday's art show @ 321 S. Jefferson, organised by Eman Aguilar.  The space was beautiful and expensive, and a great turnout to boot.  The show was titled, "Toil and Yield" and this is what may or may not have happened.  Thanks to all who attended.


*things are happening.
this thing* is an action, in which i will hopefully be able to 'organise' and 'catalog', in hopes for someone to dig it out of a hard drive, a thousand years from now.  don't believe the hype.